Production Design

Robert has served as a Production Designer, and Co-Production Designer for the Walt Disney Studios and Focus Films. Some of his acclaimed projects include Tim Burton and Shane Acker's animated CG film "9", and Disney's animated films "Mulan 2" and the "Lady & The Tramp 2". He has accumulated extensive experience as a supervisor, in both domestic and international studios, overseeing small and large crews of artists. Robert's versatility and experience as a designer, his understanding of both 2D and 3D pipelines and 3D modeling needs, his diversity in drawing and design styles, effective communication skills, as well as his ability to command the respect of his crews and meet studio schedules makes him an ideal candidate for this creative role. Robert brings a well-balanced sensibility of art and management skills to any production. He maintains a high degree of both professionalism and artistic abilities, and works toward build strong respectful relationships between management and artists.

Environment Design & Animation Background Layout

For over two decades, Robert has been designing environments and backgrounds for the worlds most prestigious and cutting-edge animation film studios, including the Walt Disney Studios, Warner Brothers, Sony and Focus Films, as well as smaller studios, both within the United States and internationally. His experience ranges from television, direct to home video and theatrically released feature film formats and is regularly sought after, from numerous Producers, for both full-time and freelance projects. Robert has a reputation for his excellent design sensibilities and is regarded as one of the best perspective artists in the industry.

Prop Design

Having both pre-production and production animation experience, over 21 years of industry design experience, and a background in mechanical drafting, Robert has the ideal skill-set and experience to meet all your studios Prop needs. Robert has an eye for design and the technical, orthographic drawing abilities to design and execute Props designs flawlessly into 2D and 3D production pipelines, without the need for costly revisions. Roberts's extensive domestic and international studio experience ensures that studios, and film Directors get the Prop Designs they specifically approve, working on the screen.

Professional Lectures

Robert has developed three professional lecture series designed to educate and inspire university & college level art students. His lectures are also available to industry professionals and studios worldwide. These lecture series cover "Environment Design for Animation", "Production Design for Animation" and "Professional Portfolio & Website Design". Each lecture is unique and extremely informative highlighting Roberts work from Disney, Warner Brothers, Focus Films and numerous domestic and international film projects. All the drawings and designs shown in the presentation are supported in an educational format with the added benefit of inside stories from an industry professional. Robert has served on portfolio review boards for Walt Disney and Warner Brothers Studios. The "Professional Portfolio & Website Design" lecture provides professional tips and insights that are extremely beneficial and uniquely informative, all designed to help elevate both student and professional portfolios.

Hands on Workshops

Robert offers personalized workshop services to provide core groups with intensive learning opportunities. They offer institutions and professional studios the flexibility the flexibility that caters to the needs that best suit the students, from one day to one-week sessions, or even focused weekend workshops. Whether your interested in Production Design, Environment Design, Perspective Drawing or Professional Portfolio & Website Design workshops for your students or employees, Robert has well organized and effective workshops, as well as the flexibility, to meet your institution's or studio's needs.


Since 1997, Robert has expanded his experience as a part-time instructor and educator. He has taught professional artists at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California and has taught at highly regarded institutions such as the Academy of Art College, the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts, Concept Design Academy, Associates in Arts and the American Animation Institute, in California. The courses that Robert has designed and taught include "Environment & Background Design for Animation", "Production Design for Animation", "Perspective Drawing" and "Professional Portfolio & Website Design". Robert has also designed and provided "Lunchtime Lecture" classes for several of the production crews he's supervised. Roberts's natural enthusiasm and affinity for teaching has inspired and provided skill-sets to a number of his students who are now actively working in the animation industry.