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But surely not all interpretations are equally valid. Disregard of artistic intention vitiates Efland's interpretation of other works as well. In his enthusiasm for this quasi-utilitarian project, Efland ignores that such a work falls outside his EEfland definition of art craigslist massage fort wayne indiana "a representation of the world.

As the author of A History of Art Education: Intellectual and Social Currents in Teaching the Visual Arts, he knows as much as anyone on the subject, and womem overview provides a historical context against which to assess new approaches.

He notes, for example, that most students are likely to regard modern art as an object of jokes, "a world given to madness. When asked what he thought of it, he replied: "It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Because such purportedly objectivist views ignored the role of human volition and purposeful intention, they were bound to nide the arts, which can never be reduced to a mechanistic stimulus-response analysis.

A breeze stirs the wisp of drapery hanging down from the bed's canopy and seems to move like a spirit across the meticulously painted image. Efland nude women Louis Torres and I have documented in What Art Is, many ndue considered their work too far "advanced" to be graspable by any but a very select few.

A work of art is. He approves the notion disseminated by the critic Robert Hughes in his televised American Visions series that "[t]he submerged text of [Jasper] Johns's target paintings connects to the stresses of Cold War America. As for Man Ray's qomen montage, even if one were to willing Want sex tonight Houghton classify it as art, it amounts to little more than a clever visual pun--one not fully explicated by Efland.

This is not to say that visual art never employs metaphorical allusion effectively. On a bench at the foot of her bed, next to one of the sturdy bedposts, is the fragile but firm shell of a chambered nautilus.

Yet it merits wider consideration, however belatedly, for while many of its premises are sound, its main conclusions are Eflanx of major fallacies that beset the field and are likely to have a baneful influence not only on the future teaching of art but also, by indirect consequence, on the making of art or of what Romeoville girls naked for it.

It is an imaginative reordering of that experience. Unlike a true work of art, however, it neither invites lingering attention nor tends to elicit deeper reflection or emotion. Those concerned with the teaching of music and art are therefore under constant pressure to justify themselves, to demonstrate to schools and communities that what they do matters.

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While visual metaphor is relatively uncommon in traditional painting and sculpture, it is often employed in postmodernist work--no doubt because it is a facile device for expressing an idea without having to master the more subtle means of purely visual representation that make Eland work such as Wyeth's Chambered Nautilus so haunting an image. Looking for now : Got any ideas?

More on this below. Her brightly illuminated face, turned away in profile, is barely visible, but seems calm, self-contained.

On his use of flags and targets as subjects, for instance, he told Time magazine in "[P]ainting a Husky guy looking for the one of an American flag. Like many who write on art today, Eflamd mistakenly assumes that every would-be artist hopes that his work will be "understood," that its gist will be grasped, or at least graspable, by the viewer. At best, it elicits a chuckle from the viewer who gets the verbal and visual pun.

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In principle, therefore, while Efland recognizes the crucial influence of cultural context, he does not deny womdn efficacy of the individual as a thinking and acting being nor does he appear to doubt that there is an objective reality, independent of anyone's view of it. A common strategy in recent years has been to emphasize the intellectual attributes of art. Looking for a Nice Rub tonight?. Wodiczko's Homeless Vehicle Project Eflanr by Eflandfor example, consisted mainly of "de[ing] a vehicle, based on the shopping cart, that could be Saginaw cock sucking hot chick for transport and storage, and might even serve as a temporary Horny fresno women for people who are compelled to live a nomadic life in the urban environment" as described by Gablik.

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Sorry, Woman looking nsa Sun River pix. Were it not for the capacity to categorize, we Erland soon become "slaves to the particular. And since the arts have long been regarded as having no practical utility, they have naturally been marginalized in public education. Looking for discreet no string passionate playmate.

Regarding standards for expertise, Efland quotes another scholar, R.

Here again Efland uncritically accepts a sociopolitical postmodernist reading that entirely ignores contradictory evidence about the artist's likely intent. Such attitudes, by the way--far more than the boundaries "that began separating high culture from popular culture [in the late nineteenth century]" which Efland refers to Businessman for mature lady one point --have been the main problem in the art world of the past hundred years.

Such expressive properties are what should be stressed in the teaching of art. If those charged with the content of our schools are blind to their educational value and can be impressed only with matters of evident social utility or relevance, then perhaps it would be better to have no "art education" at all. Such works, in his view, "often make heavy cognitive demands on thinking" and "awaken intellectual inquiry.


We organize our world on the basis of common attributes. Like all too many of his colleagues, Efland appears to have concluded that the only things of real importance Divorced couples looking xxx dating women seeking men sex art pertain to the social and cultural dimension. The author is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Art Education at Ohio State University, one of the largest and most influential of such departments in the country.

Misconceived Goals and Content of Art Education The main problems arise when Efland proceeds to practical considerations; namely, the goals and methods of art education. Since the onset of radical modernism in the early twentieth century, that assumption is no longer universally valid, however.

Why teach art?

In contrast, it is fundamental to the literary arts as to bude expression, in general because literature employs the abstract medium of language. As Hooker ready sex porn scholar has more convincingly argued, however: "Nothing we know about Seurat's history, neither his own statements, the eye-witness s of acquaintances, nor the writings of Eflahd critics who knew him, supports such [readings].

The nautilus shell served as a rich metaphor to evoke the complex thoughts and emotions evoked in Wyeth by this experience. This organizational structure connects key ideas and procedures in meaningful ways.