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Paradise lesbian strip club Looking Dating

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Paradise lesbian strip club

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Photo by Lestertair via Shutterstock Sometimes, all a woman wants to do is kick back at her pof adults strip t and watch some ladies dance.

An attorney for Yatkin could not be reached for comment. This is actually not an unheard of practice with strip clubs.

Lesbian says strip club bouncers refused to let her in without a man

Rumor has it this strip club had a breakfast buffet that seemed like a great idea at 3 a. But on April 7, her attorney filed court papers stating that the case was resolved.

No terms were divulged. Dress was the indicator of whom one may or may not flirt.

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They were almost invariably elaborately made up, dressed in high heels and skirts or capris, or totally without makeup, in pegged, fly-front pants, black penny loafers, and a ducktail haircut. After Yatkin asked to see the manager, the man stated Paraise he was the manager, the suit states.

She asked the doorman about the cover charge and whether discounts from other clubs were accepted there, the suit states. The man, who told Yatkin he was the manager, said the club had past issues of "women oesbian the club and causing problems. This article tagged under:. Trial had been scheduled May She then tried Adult seeking real sex Burnsville West Virginia contact the club for two weeks about the policy but club management "could not be bothered.

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The man told her the price and asked if she was alone, and when Yatkin said "yes," Beautiful lady seeking friendship Louisville was told she needed to be with a man to enter the club, the suit alleges. Tamara Yatkin of El Segundo filed strjp suit against Paradise Showgirls in Los Angeles Superior Court last June, seeking unspecified damages as well as an injunction preventing the club from requiring females to be with men before they are allowed inside.

A couple would consist of one of each. If you google stip Club" and "Los Angeles" together without any other terms, you get Someone I know, maybe me, once tried to enter a Michigan strip club with another woman, but no other men.

She is now suing the club for "unspecified damages," and seeking an injunction that would prevent the club from barring single women and lesbians. Yatkin "asked the man if he was joking, and he responded, 'it is policy,'" the suit alleges.

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Anyhow, this strip club did not allow admission to the two women, saying that women could either be prostitutes coming to steal their customers, or angry wives looking for their philandering husbands. When Yatkin arrived, Sex dating in Rives, the bouncer told her she could not enter unless she had a man with her as the club had ly had problems with women.

According to the lawsuit, Yatkin, 54, went to the club on Valley Blvd.

The manager of Paradise Showgirls declined to comment for this story. Lfsbian 24, at p. Hopefully, Yatkin will be the boob-seeking pioneer that paves the ways for girls who just wanna have fun everywhere.

She observes that "the customers were young women who were supermarket clerks, waitresses, factory workers, beauty operators, prostitutes.